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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Weeping Willow


This unique story answers the age old question that children want to know: am I special just as I am? Am I special even though I am different? Young Jesus and His cousin John teach the Weeping Willow and young readers alike that it is their differences that make them special.

Tell us about your latest work—title, genre, etc. — and why you wrote it?
The Weeping Willow is an inspirational and Christian children's book. I wrote it because I want to get a message to children, and in fact, people of all ages. I want people who read my book to know in a fresh way that God loves them for who they are.
What draws you to your genre(s)? Why is this type of story compelling to you?
I am drawn to this genre because I am inspired and encouraged by it. Inspirational Christian fiction makes me feel better about who I am.
What is your writing process like? Do you map the whole thing out or do you just let it unfold?
I mostly let my writing unfold. I never have a complete idea of what I am doing or even how the story will turn out. It becomes what it becomes because of God's grace, and my patience and hard work.
What kind of research was involved?
I had to research how to draw a weeping willow, but the story was not researched.
How much of YOU makes it into your characters?
A lot of me makes it into the three characters of The Weeping Willow. Mostly however, the weeping willow itself is what is most closely entwined with my personality.
How do you balance the need to have time to write with the needs of family, society, etc.?
I write when I can, when I am inspired, and even sometimes when I am not.
Have there been any authors in particular, that inspired your writing?
I have many favorite authors, but some of my favorites are Josephine Nobisso, J.R.R Tolkien and S.D. Smith.
Is there a story you want to tell behind or about your work(s)?
This story came from a need in my own self. I have always had a problem with feeling less because I am different. In this story I answer and solve my own problem and teach myself and others that our differences are what make us shine in God's eyes.
What other projects are you currently working on or about to start?
I am working on a  long young adult novel called  AgnusTerra. I am also working on a book called the Little White Flower, and one called Salty's Seaside Treasures among others.
Could you share some of your marketing strategies?  Which ones are the most effective in your opinion?
What would be the top five, (or 3 or 1 or however many) things you would tell aspiring authors?
Top tips are patience, prayer, and dedication. Without these it would be hard to write a great book.
Again, thanks Claire for taking the time to share your knowledge with us.  We appreciate you and your work.  Good luck with you current and future publishing.

About Author
Claire Woodbury is a driven, young Catholic author. Her goal is to bring others closer to God through her inspirational writing. Her Christian faith and love of Jesus inspire her writing. Claire wants readers to find, in a fresh way, how God sees them and loves them as they are. Claire is also an artist, pianist and cook. She lives in Colorado with her parents and siblings.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The stakes don’t get any higher...

The Apocalypse Fire (An Ava Curzon Thriller)

The explosive and brilliant new thriller from bestseller Dominic Selwood
The Turin Shroud has been stolen in a violent assault. Why? And by whom?
Drawn into the investigation, archaeologist and former spy Ava Curzon finds herself plunged into a desperate struggle against an apocalyptic Russian cult. Recruited by the UK’s clandestine MI13 intelligence agency – and aided by the Vatican’s security division and her former colleague Ferguson – Ava is sucked into a world of dark extremism and Biblical secrets.
As the chase catapults her around Europe, she must unravel the mysteries of an ancient icon belonging to the shadowy Order of Malta.
With time running out, and cataclysmic war in the Middle East the price of failure, the world stands on the brink…

Perfect for readers of Dan Brown and Scott Mariani, this crypto-thriller from the masterful Dominic Selwood will keep you gripped until the very end.
The Ava Curzon Thrillers
•           The Sword of Moses
•           The Apocalypse Fire
•           Book 3 coming 2017

What everyone is saying about Dominic Selwood
‘The plot moves so quickly the reader is at times left gasping for breath … combines the daring and resolve of the Hollywood archaeologist with the razor-sharp mental agility of a Conan Doyle super sleuth’ Oxford Times

‘Seamless blend of historical fact and tantalizing fiction … hard to put down (Five stars)’

‘Rollercoaster crypto-thriller … move over Lara Croft! (Five stars)’ Daily Express

‘A fast-paced Biblical thriller backed by impeccable research. Fans of The Da Vinci Code will love this!’ JF Penn, bestselling author of the Arkane series

‘I did not get much sleep … page-turning … extremely well plotted and very scary’ Nancy Bilyeau, bestselling author of The Crown, The Chalice, The Tapestry

‘This book burns … grabs one’s attention at page one and won’t let go until the very end … excitement, drama, action … breathless … riveting read’ The Square Magazine
‘Brilliant’ Hampshire Chronicle

‘Swashbuckling … had me hooked from start to finish’

Dominic Selwood is passionate about everything historical. He writes on history for the UK’s Daily Telegraph newspaper, and contributes to the Spectator and other national and international magazines. He regularly appears on television and radio talking about history. He studied and researched at university in Oxford, Paris (the Sorbonne), London, Poitiers, and Wales, and has taught and lectured on warfare, religion, the crusades, heresy, and all the fun stuff. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, a former criminal barrister, has lived in Europe and the Middle East, and now lives in London with his wife and two children. His first Ava Curzon book, The Sword of Moses, is an Amazon international number one best seller. His history books include Knights of the Cloister, which is a study of the medieval Knights Templar and Knights of Saint John, and Spies, Sadists and Sorcerers, an international number one bestseller debunking historical myths. He is also the author of two ghost stories, The Voivod and Suffer the Children.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

‘Inca Cat Series’

Cats Who Crossed Over From Paris

Inca, a Siberian puss, tells the story about her furry family – her brother Fromage, who is addicted to cheese and considers himself a cheese monger, and her sister, Cara, a gorgeous but timid Siamese. Inca, an avid fan of Dr. House, considers herself the leader of the troupe and responsible for the well-being of the family. They own, according to Inca, Missy, a young humanoid who has a well-established cheese shop in Paris.

Christmas Cats

It is Christmas time, and Inca is ready to enjoy the holiday season with her Siamese sister Cara and brother Fromage - the cheese loving Tabby cat, not to forget their adopted hamster Charlotte. Life turns interesting when their neighborhood tough dog - Boss comes around asking for help to save the loss of his master and domicile. Another mystery to solve with the help of their neighbors Monk the Blue Russian cat and Polo the Pekinese doggy.


Inca is proud to be the team leader of the detective agency – Inca and Company. She is a pocket-sized version of the Siberian breed and has short strong hindquarters, large well rounded paws and a magnificent tail. She adores going to the coiffeur to be groomed. Inca has telepathic powers and has the power to communicate psychically with humans.


Cara is a pretty Siamese Seal Point with a close fitting, short-haired coat which is glossy and sleek and startling blue eyes. Timid and shy by nature, Cara is very attached to Missy and is the baby of the family and spoiled by both Inca and Missy.


Fromage the little guy in the family is a cheese addict and considers himself a cheese expert. His conversation mainly revolves around French cheese. Fromage is the mascot of the French Cheese shop co-owned by Missy in London. He believes that the family cheese enterprise is his, and acts accordingly.

It’s a sure-fire hit for both 
animal lovers and children

Coming Soon "Cats in Provence"

A new exciting adventure awaits Inca & her family

Author Web site

Amazon - The Cats Who Crossed Over from Paris (Inca Cat Series)

Amazon - Christmas Cats